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Platform-as-a-service is considered to be the complete development and employment ambience in cloud computing, with all the required resources that ensure the delivery of everything from simple apps to complex applications for enterprises and all this cloud-enabled. All you have to do is to buy the relevant resource from the service provider on a pay-as-you-go basis and also be able to access them from a secure internet.

Kophes offers you PaaS which includes infrastructure, servers, storage, networking, middleware, development tools, Business Intelligence Service, Database management systems, and much more. PaaS is designed by highly skilled engineers to fully provide support to the web application lifecycle that may include building, testing, deploying, managing and upgrading.

Why Choose us for PaaS?

Kophes offers you the PaaS which is a type of cloud computing service that provides a perfect cloud computing platform allowing our customers to develop, run and manage applications without the complexity of developing and maintaining the infrastructure on the ground, which is typically required in such scenarios.

Why you need Kophes and PaaS?

Kophes offers you a PaaS which eliminates the need for an organization to manage the required infrastructure like hardware and operating systems that further allows you to completely focus on the management and deployment of your applications.

That means, if you opt Kophes for PaaS then you don’t need to buy servers or operating systems that run this mainly self-managed hardware. Additionally, you will not need to perform hefty software maintenance and capacity planning if you go for PaaS instead of your hardware and software.

PaaS service providers offer a diverse set of tools that are necessary for software development that may include a source code editor, a debugger, a compiler and also some other necessary tools.

What we do?

The platforms that offered as service by Kophes also includes middleware, for the purpose that developers do not have to develop it by themselves. Middleware is a kind of software that lies between user-facing application and the operating system of the machine.

PaaS could be provided through hybrid, public or private cloud service provider. With a public cloud PaaS, the subscriber controls the software deployment and the cloud provider delivers all the main IT components required to host those applications that may include servers, storage systems, networks, operating systems and databases.

With the private cloud provider offering services, the PaaS is delivered as software or as an appliance within a client's firewall and this is usually an on-location datacenter. Hybrid cloud PaaS service provider offers a mix of both the two previous types of cloud service.

Kophes will maintain the operating system, databases that developers have to work upon and the applications running on them. PaaS is an up level of IaaS in the real cloud computing service model and all the things that could be found in IaaS are also present in PaaS model.

Benefits of PaaS Model:

Following are the benefits of PaaS model:
  • Eliminates cost of software provision hosting capabilities
  • Eliminates the cost of buying and managing underlying hardware for application development
  • API to developers to build web applications
  • Access to all facilities required in application development life cycle